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Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

We've all been there. No matter how hard we brainstorm and browse the internet, we cannot think of yet another holiday gift for Grandma or Uncle Pete. Well, if they happen to have a dog, we have a new angle for you: buy their pup a gift instead! Swap out that lame Christmas tree ornament for a fresh new idea from the lists below.

dog with toys and christmas candy cane

Practical Presents

  1. Puzzle Toys. Giving dogs a chance to solve a problem develops their critical thinking skills and can help keep them out of mischief. Outward Hound and Nina Ottosson have a lot of creative options!

  2. Grooming Wipes. Whenever your pup gets messy but a bath seems like too much work, grooming wipes are a lifesaver. They're also perfect for stashing in the car in case your pup gets into something while you're out and about. Get them here at Ollu or online.

  3. Pet Odor Candles. Let's face it: dogs, well, they can stink. These pet odor candles are specifically designed to replace the smell with pleasant scent. They come in a variety of fragrances, including holiday themes. If you're looking for a local and more natural version, the mother-daughter team at Pure + Good makes soy candles using essential oils!

  4. New Gear. A fresh new collar and leash is always appreciated by dog owners. We carry U.S. made Stunt Puppy gear as well as handmade leather snap leashes created by one of our very own team members.

Gifts for the DIY Lovers

  1. Freshly Baked Treats. On a budget or want to add a personal touch? Try making homemade dog treats. Here's a vet-approved list of ingredients you can use, as well as a simple recipe to get you started.

  2. Handmade Toys. If you have the time, making some dog toys is a fun and creative way to gift the dog lovers in your life. For the sewers, crocheters, and knitters, here's a few patterns to try out. If you're looking for something a little simpler, try these.

two dogs in front of christmas tree with gifts
These two have got it made! Advent calendars with treats are a fun way to spoil dogs over the holidays. Photo from @lucy_mnbeagle

Something Sentimental

  1. Photo Props. If your dog-loving friend or relative loves taking photos of their pup, try getting them items for their very own photo shoots. Whether a camera stand, a selfie stick, cute props or holiday-themed outfits, there are lots of fun options out there.

  2. Professional Photo Shoot. Capture their pup's personalities and treasure memories through a professional photo shoot. There are many pet photographers in the area who specialize in taking pictures of dogs, no matter how wiggly they are! We've had great experiences with The Dog Photog and Sarah Beth Photography.

  3. Personalized Paraphernalia. You know those websites where you can personalize mouse pads and mugs and huge snugly blankets? Choose an item your gift-receiver would like, stick a photo of their dog on it, and voilà! The perfect gift!

dog photo in frame above table

Just for Pampering

  1. Dog Clothing. For the especially pampered pups, dog clothing and accessories are a fun gift. You can even go all out and get matching items for the dog and owner.

  2. Spa in a Basket. Splurge with some dog spa items, and arrange them in a cute little basket. We love shampoos from España as well as Pure & Good, a local mother-daughter company that uses all-natural ingredients. Add some cologne, grooming wipes, blueberry facial, and an essential oil spray for a complete pampering experience.

  3. Ollu Gift Card. This versatile gift is perfect for any dog owner. Whether they want to treat themselves to a self-service wash, get their usual groom, or pick out some treats or merchandise, there are so many options. Pick one up at our salon next time you're in, or email us to request an e-gift card.

This is the year to break out of that boring gift rut, and try something fun and new! Let us know if you tried any options from this gift guide for dog lovers, or if you have more to add.

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