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Choosing the Perfect Haircut

Updated: May 16, 2023

Puppy cut, summer cut, lion cut, Asian Fusion...There is a plethora of options when it comes to haircuts for your dog. Wading through the terms and the styles can be a bit overwhelming, and with the rise of creative grooming, there are now more possibilities than ever. Here at Ollu we believe the perfect haircut for your dog is one that fits you and your pup's lifestyle while still looking awesome. That can be a tricky balance to navigate. Read on and we'll walk you through four questions to help you find that sweet spot between style and functionality.

1. How much time can I put into upkeep?

This is one of the first questions to ask yourself, because it can really help zone in on your ideal haircut. If you are unable to brush regularly, then you should go for a shorter coat length, especially if you have a dog with a coat type that tends to tangle easily (we're talking to you, Doodles!). If you're unsure how often to brush your dog at a specific coat length, ask your groomer at check in and they can give you a good guide. If your dog has a coat type that doesn't easily tangle, you can get away with a lot less work and still maintain a longer coat, so getting that personalized advice is super helpful. It could take a bit of trial and error to see what your dog's coat needs, and that's okay!

White dog surrounded by fur shaved off
Knowing how much time you're willing to put into upkeep can help you decide on the length of your dog's haircut.

2. How much money can I put into grooming?

Our longer haircuts (over 1/2 inch) generally take more time and therefore cost a little more than shorter ones. Additionally, longer coats need to be groomed more often, so you're paying for more grooms each year. All that to say, if you're tightening up the budget, consider going for a shorter haircut style.

3. What is my dog’s lifestyle?

Consider what kind of conditions your dog will be in and how that will affect their coat. For example, a dog who is swimming often will be more susceptible to matting and tangles. A dog who’s out in the cold frequently may be better off with a longer coat. A hunting dog may tend to get burrs stuck in longer fur, but a dog whose sole purpose in life is to be petted... well, the fluffier the better! You may find that these answers vary by season and at different stages of your dog's life.

Afghan hound dog running through dirt
Your dog's lifestyle is a huge consideration when choosing the perfect haircut for your pup. (Photo from @khloe_the_cavi)

4. What "look" do I like?

Now that you've figured out some perimeters of what is most practical for you and your dog, it's time to focus on the fun part: the aesthetics. Search for pictures of your dog’s breed online and find looks you love. (This is your chance to obsessively scroll through our instagram page without feeling guilty!) Do you want your dog to look regal and refined, or more like an adorable stuffed animal? Are you going for the standard AKC breed cut, or wanting to mix it up? Are long eyelashes your thing, but poofy ears just not up your ally? Make note of what you like and don't like, from head to tail. If you find a picture that encapsulates your perfect haircut, bring it in to the salon and show it to the groomer. It helps immensely to have a visual of the look you're going for.

Whatever haircut you choose, take the pressure off yourself by remembering that hair always grows back. If you end up not loving the style you asked for, that's okay. There's always room for a fresh start - it's part of the process of discovering that best look for you and your pup.

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